Situated a day or so from the coast along the eastern edge of Britannia, about 2/3rds of the way up is the town of Lorindale. Some 100 buildings and a population of around 300 people make up Lorindale.

It sits along the River Alaan that flows from the highlands to the north down to the coast eventually much further to the south. The town is actually at a Junction of the Geran River and River Alaan, but the Alaan is the large of the two swallowing the smaller Geran in the far west side of town.

Lorindale is dominate by an Araellian fort that sits on small bluff on the southern side of town. The land between the fort and the river is home to some of the towns wealthier homes, while the area to the east of the fort is mostly working folk and business. North of the Alaan the town is mostly farmers and share croppers, with a couple of large ranches.

A road follows the River Alaan, to the northeast up into the highlands and to the southwest down to Elan. A second road travels northwest into the highlands and southeast towards the coast.


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