The village of Elan is a waypoint between southern Brittania and the northern highlands. It sits at the junction of the River Alaan and the Kellick River forming Lake Kellick. Forest dominates the lands around the village, though a few farmsteads have been cut from the forest closest to the village.

Elan is made up of some 30 buildings, and fewer than 100 inhabitants.

A road travels south toward the more ‘civilized’ and populated areas of southern Brittania. It continues northeast toward Lorindale following the the River Alaan. Another road travels west toward the central mountainous regions of central Brittania.

While there are a few businesses in the village, it is dominated by the island tower of the Araellian Empire. The tower sits on a rocky island in the middle of Lake Kellick. A pair of wooden bridges with stone supports span the gap leading out to the island.

Just off the bridges to the tower is the largest building in town, the Inn of the Frozen Heart.


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