Races of Araellia Fallen

Any race is allowed in Araellia Fallen, though there are many things different about the races from standard Greyhawk or Forgotten Realms. Amongst the different lands of the world, and amidst the empire there are few places that are homogeneous when it comes to race. Humans live almost everywhere that there are collections of people. The other races can be a majority or a minority, but humans are certainly amongst them, whether in the cold orc lands of the north or the mountain valleys of the mountain dwarves, there will be others amongst them. Depending on how deep into the orc lands you go or how deep into the mountains you go, the percentage of outsiders might drop, but they are certainly there.

3565b1ffeb1b13b6b9062d89db3a2e64.jpgHigh Elves: The high elves are the nobility of the Araellian Empire. The founders of the Empire was a clan of elves that splintered from the ancient Eladrin ages ago. The Araellian Clan was very militaristic as well as very practiced in magic. They are known for their high schools of magic, massive armies, superior arms and armor, etc. Before the fall of the Imperial seat, high elves were considered the rulers of the known world. Anyone else paled in comparison. High elves are rare outside of imperial society unless they are deserters. Even within imperial society high elves only make up a small percentage (all of which are the upper ranks).

PZO8503-Elyana.jpgWood Elves: Another splinter from the ancient Eladrin, the wood elves moved out into the wilds while the high elves took over and eventually became the Empire. Freedom loving, nature loving, and far more wild than their haughty cousins, the wood elves are known for the abilities to survive the wild, druidic and ranger magics, and close relationships with animals (often the punchline to high elf or dwarven jokes).

Hill Dwarves: The lowerland hill dwarves, like their upperland mountain dwarf cousins are very family oriented. Their tight knit clans are always fighting each other, if not fighting some outsider. Found more than mountain dwarves in amongst the rest of the world’s populations, hill dwarves are far more common and slightly less acidic than their mountain cousins. Hill dwarves generally dwell in the valleys and hilltops of hill regions, leaving the higher elevation valleys in the mountains to their crazy mountain dwarf cousins.

Mountain Dwarves: Like their lowland cousins the hill dwarves, mountain dwarves are very clan oriented. They make family a priority first, even when not living in the highland valleys and hidden grottos of the mountains. Sometimes mountain dwarves come out of the mountains and are mistaken for a hill dwarf, something that ruffles their feathers greatly.

Gnomes: There is no real homeland or well known place to find gnomes other than anywhere there are people. Gnomes love company, and especially to talk and interact with people so any major population center you can likely find a few gnomes. They tend to either focus on trade or magic, or the trade of magic as both things seem to come naturally to them. Their short cousins, the halflings, are often key trading partners. Any school of magic or trade in magical wares or training is bound to have a few gnomes about. For some reason the high elf mage leaders have embraced gnomes into the rituals and ranks, probably due to their high level of skill in such matters.

Halflings: Cousin to the gnomes, halflings don’t really care much for magic, but their love of wandering and trade is well known. Massive halfling caravans are known to criss cross the known world plying their wares and generally being seen as either plucky little wandering merchants, or roving bands of miscreant gypsies. The truth is somewhere in between of course. The rare halfling that does settle down is often looked upon with pity by their wandering cousins who assume something is wrong or must have happened for the halfling to want to settle down.

Dragonborn: The dragonborn have been around for quite some time, though the legends about their origin are varying, they are generally found within imperial society only, so some say they are a product of the high elves, or at least where ever they came from was long ago consumed by the empire. They are workhorses of the Imperial military arm, valued for their skill in battle and strength.

Orcs: There are two known variety of orcs, the northern orcs and the black orcs. The northern orcs (commonly just referred to as orc) are from the northern reaches of the mainland. Known for raiding throughout the southern lands and Britannia, a large group of orcs is usually feared. Individually, they mix with other societies, who recognize them as generally outlanders, but when not in their raiding ships and swinging their swords and axes they are just seen more as an outsider than a threat.

Goblins: The deep places of woods and other places people don’t go are the home of goblins. Seen as feral little creatures by most civilized folk, these small clans generally are content to fight amongst themselves and scratch out a living far from the eyes of any larger society. Once in a while a braver group of goblins will go raiding outside their home areas. They usually never return.

Races of Araellia Fallen

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