Isle of Britannia

The isle of Britannia is long land mass dominated by a central mountain range that runs from the middle of the large island up through the highlands at the north end of the island. The isle is a bit over 500 miles long north to south, and at its widest point is roughly 300 or so miles wide.

While the Araellian Empire claims domain over the entirety of the island, the majority of its forces and influence were spent on the more agriculture and accessible southern regions. The farther north and more rugged the terrain the less influence the empire has. Along the eastern side of the mountains Lorindale is the furthest north settlement that the empire actively controls, but even there they are so remote that it is really only most controlled in name by the empire and instead is controlled mostly by local garrison commanders


Points of Interest
Ruins of Caer Calan

Isle of Britannia

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